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Some Amazing Places To Visit In The District Of Java

Some Amazing Places To Visit In The District Of Java

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For the amazing travelers who are ready to know more about the gorgeous places of Indonesia, starting with Java, we are creating this article to ensure that when you arrive here, you already have a list of places you want to visit.

The tourist only knows that the beach only has a lot of tourist spots to visit and will definitely pamper your eyes with some of the tourist attractions in the Western Java province.

Some amazing places to visit in the district of Java

Some Amazing Places To Visit In The District Of Java

1. Green Canyon

It was referred to as a green canyon by a French national in 1993 and the name has stuck. The Green Canyon is located in the Kertajaya Village, Cijulang, West Java. From Ciamis itself you have to travel about 130 km or 31 km from Pangandaran.

At this resort you can rent a boat for 75,000 Rupiah for up to 5 people. You can rent from 7:30 to 16:00. You can enjoy the beauty of the canyon with the cool air and also the beautiful green scenery. Also, this Green Canyon is close to Batukaras and Nusawi Airport.

2. Pangandaran

The beach in Pangandaran is a lot of fun and interesting to visit. If you are tired of Pangandaran beach and Sharks, you can come to Karapyak Beach. This resort is located in Bagolo Village, Kalipucang District, Ciamis or about 20 km from Pangandaran beach. If you are from the city square of Ciamis, you will travel about 78 km.

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Interestingly, the road to the beach is fairly decent and there are road signs available. But there is no public transport or shuttle available, so you will need to bring a private vehicle.

Definitely not complete to the city but not to the beach. The beach is a prime destination for tourists traveling to the province. It is located in Pananjung Village, Pangandaran District. If you are from Ciamis, you will need to go south about 92 km.

On this beach you can enjoy the spectacular sunset and sunset, swim securely as the beaches and enjoy the sea park. Pangandaran Beach is known for its white sand. To get to the location, you are also facilitated by paved roads with well-lit conditions.

3. Princess Valley Waterpark

Although it’s a relatively new tourist spot, but this waterpark can be a great place to visit. Unlike other waterparks, this waterfront park is located on the outskirts of Princess Valley Beach. You can find it about 5 km from the entrance to Pangandaran precisely in Kalipucang District.

There are several pools to enjoy and even an ATV ride. To access this waterpark, you have to pay between 10,000 and 25,000 Rupiah per person.

Some Amazing Places To Visit In The District Of Java

4. Mudal Well Cave

Not only the beach, the nature cave at Pangandaran is also a tourist attraction. One of these is the Mudal Well Cave.

The name of the cave is derived from the fact that in the cave there was a spring whose shape resembled a well of “overflow” or boiling water in Indonesian. This cave is a cave that cannot be missed if you are on a trip to Pangandaran.

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5. Curug Bojong

Apparently, this waterfall or waterfall was called Sawangan Waterfall. But it is now better known as the Bojong Waterfall because its water comes from the village of Bojong. If you want to get to this place from Pangandaran, take the Babakan path and then Sukahurip with a distance of only 6 km.

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