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How to plan a trip to Surabaya

How to plan a trip to Surabaya

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A few months ago, the plan to Surabaya was an interesting conversation between me and my friends in Pontianak. Since it is one of the best locations for Digital Nomads in the world, this is one of the best places that you can possibly visit, and it wasn’t an exception for me either.

Previously a friend had had a chance to go to Surabaya first and told about his experiences for several days there. From there began to often appear invitations to come to Surabaya as well.

Planning a Trip to Surabaya

How to plan a trip to Surabaya

Remembering the previous invitation, I also began preparing for a trip to Surabaya. Because my friend also said, if I want to come, I need to simply take care of the tickets, as rest of the things can be easily taken care of. Isn’t that a compelling argument?

Check Ticket Prices to Surabaya

Before thinking about anything else, especially about lodging and eating while there, the first thing you need to do is research or check the prices of PontianakSurabaya plane tickets. Even though the ticket prices have reportedly gone down in the past few months, it doesn’t hurt to look around the ticket prices first to ensure that you can adjust your budget for rest of the things accordingly.

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Looking for Cheap Hotels in Surabaya

After the plane ticket, which allowed me to save much more than I had previously imagined, of course I had to look for cheap lodging in Surabaya. Because, I have never been to Surabaya before and I do not have close acquaintances or relatives there, I could only look for hotels.

For this matter I use the help of the certain application and immediately search for hotels in Surabaya through them. It is not difficult to find hotels that are pocket-friendly prices.

Via this mechanism because we can use filter features that can be determined starting from the price, type of room, and facilities that we need, and voila, your hotel would soon be awaiting your arrival in a few days.

How to plan a trip to Surabaya

Looking for some amazing food in Surabaya

Although, I am not a person who is too fond of eating, but if you’ve come to a place, especially if it\’s our first time there, surely, we will be curious about the culinary specialties of the area.

In addition, we also try to find food or drinks that we like. That being said, it would not take you too long to be able to look for typical culinary places in Surabaya.

There are lots of web travel and blogger friends who talk about this, and you can go through their articles to find out more about them. Starting from the typical food that must be tasted when going to Surabaya, legendary food stalls, to the foods that are most tried by food bloggers / vloggers hits the homeland.

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Just adjust it to your taste and of course the financial conditions that have been prepared to taste all the amazing food items in Surabaya.

How to plan a trip to Surabaya

Preparing for all of your needs while in Surabaya

Because this trip is not just an ordinary trip and there are already a number of activities that will be held there, so you need to prepare for various other situations. Clothing and various work-related items should not be left behind.

Yes, maybe that’s just my brief preparation that is very relaxed in preparing for a trip to Surabaya. Just pray and stay healthy until the destination and return to Pontianak.

If you cannot plan a trip?

Planning a trip on any given day can be a hard thing to do. That being said, a vacation doesn’t come along often, and therefore, you need to have some other relaxing activities in your life, and what better than spending a few minutes on an amazing site like, which, while it won’t be able to replace the fun of a trip, it can definitely help you relax a lot.

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